The Good Information And Bad Information When It Comes To Advertising Expertise

I will dispense with any amenities or funny anecdotes or what have you and lower right to the chase. In keeping with analysis conducted by Walker Sands Communications and Chief Advertising Technologist, 50% of US entrepreneurs mentioned they plan to spend more on marketing technology (martech) in 2017 with another 20% of entrepreneurs indicating they will spend significantly extra.

That’s surely good news, if not great news

The problem, after all can be to wade via the almost 4,000 martech options that are at the moment accessible, as per Scott Brinker’s notorious graphic. Here is his latest version, issued earlier this yr.
Don’t worry if you cannot make it all out. It is not straightforward fitting nearly four,000 martech options on one graph. Click on right here to see the full res version.

Here’s some extra findings from the research from Walker Sands AKA the good news:

More than double the variety of marketers now call their companies innovators or early adopters in advertising and marketing expertise adoption in comparison with a 12 months ago (forty eight% vs. 20%).

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